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Since 2014, it has been an honor to serve as your Ward 3 representative on the Ann Arbor City Council. I first ran for Council with a promise to listen to your concerns and work hard to create solutions. I hear clearly that you want us to make smart investments in our infrastructure, especially our roads. Our children need to be safe as they walk and bike to school. I understand that the cost of living in Ann Arbor is pushing too many residents out and making it difficult for us to work, go to school, and retire in our community. I know that you value living in a sustainable community, where we protect our natural resources.


I share all of these priorities. While we have made progress in these areas, there is more to accomplish.

  • We have increased funding for our roads and have implemented a long-term Pavement Asset Management Plan. We now need to turn our attention to our local roads, so that we can safely navigate our neighborhoods.

  • To keep our children safe, we have completed all of the identified Tier I and Tier II pedestrian safety needs around schools. We will continue to work with our community partners to make Vision Zero a reality.

  • We have secured millions of dollars for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and made transit more accessible. Going forward, we need to take a holistic look at affordability and create diverse housing options.

  • We now have a seat at the table to protect the Huron River from the 1,4 Dioxane Plume. Looking ahead, we plan to make Ann Arbor a leader in recycling and renewable energy.


Each day, my first priority remains serving you, the residents that make our city the place that I have been fortunate to call home. I look forward to the conversations ahead.



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