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  • Ensure 80% of our roads are rated as "Good" or "Excellent" no later than 2025

  • Continue to invest record breaking amounts - $32.5 million in the next year - in our road repair plan

  • Increase preventative maintenance and ensure that road reconstruction implements best engineering practices, so that our roads last longer and cost taxpayers less

  • Focus on not only major roads, but also local and neighborhood streets

Diversity & Inclusivity

  • Work to ensure our police officers are receiving proper training on how to interact will all community members 

  • Amplify our police and fire recruitment programs in the community, to develop first responder forces who are from Ann Arbor, and know our neighborhoods


  • Continue to leverage State, Federal, and nonprofit dollars when building affordable housing, in order to create more units, of better quality, at a lower expense to the City

  • Work to build housing on our transit corridors, in order to reduce the need for cars, and make transportation from home to downtown more accessible

Pedestrian Safety

  • Continue to develop partnerships with AAPS and U of M, in order to implement pedestrian safety improvements across all campuses

  • Now that we have completed all of our tier 1 and 2 improvements in the immediate vicinity of our school buildings, it is time to turn our attention to the paths children take to school. We must implement school zones, pavement markings, crosswalk enhancements, and fix sidewalk gaps where needed

  • Continue to promote the A2, Be Safe campaign to educate pedestrians and drivers about best practices in transportation safety

Water Quality

  • Invest in a new water treatment plant so that we can protect our community against future threats to our drinking water

  • Work on drainage and engineering improvements to tackle the issues related to storm water build-up in our neighborhoods

  • Continue to fight for polluter accountability, clean up, and enhanced monitoring of the

       1,4-Dioxane Plume

Garbage & Recycling

  • Work to create a regional recycling center, that is inline with our community's values of sustainability

  • Leverage local experts to increase recycling yields through community education

  • Continue our commitment to employing local, unionized workers in our city public works department, in order to ensure the highest levels of service for our residents

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